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‘Bride of Frankenstein’ House

This adorable doll house in the Hollywood Dell looks like it’s always been here—but until 1950, it was located just across Cahuenga Boulevard.

The home, now on Pilgrimage Terrace

Built by Bride of Frankenstein screenwriter William Hurlbut in 1933, the two-bedroom charmer had a pretty uneventful life at at 2225 Fairfield Avenue in Whitley Heights.

Once the home was relocated in 1950 to nearby Pilgrimage Terrace, however, things heated up, quite literally.

Just before sunrise on April 19, 1965—Easter Sunday—the 40-foot Pilgrimage Cross stationed above the home burst into flames.

Pilgrimage Cross on fire in 1965 (Los Angeles Public Library)

Originally believed to be arson, the fire was later determined to have been caused by a short circuit in the wiring for the cross’ neon lights.

By June, it was completely rebuilt, thanks to the donations of locals. Today, the Hollywood Cross (as it’s now known), erected in memory of Christine Wetherill Stevenson, founder of the Pilgrimage Theatre, is preserved as a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument.


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