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Jean Harlow & the Voice Coach

Although Jean Harlow didn’t live in Whitley Heights (despite rampant rumors to the contrary), her acting/voice coach Samuel Kayzer did, at 6617 Whitley Terrace—and the majestic home is still there .

Here is an incredible video of Jean leaving Kayzer’s home after a lesson and taking off in her Cadillac, in candid footage shot by "Father of the Travelogue" Burton Holmes, who lived around the corner on Grace Avenue, in 1931.

Earlier that year, Howard Hughes brought Kayzer to Hollywood to train starlets like Jean and Billie Dove (who was transitioning from silent film to talkies), paying him $1,000/week (nearly $20,000 in 2022, with inflation).

Kayzer eventually moved on to MGM, but by 1938, the 85-year-old scaled back, opting for private instruction out of his Whitley Terrace dream home. “I look out the window and I feel fine,” Kayzer told The Los Angeles Times in 1939. “The sun shines and I feel fine. It rains and I feel fine.”

Jean Harlow Whitley Terrace
Samuel Kayzer watching Jean Harlow drive off (Burton Holmes Archive)


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