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Chapeaux de Mode: Hollywood Hat Shop

Welcome to Chapeaux de Mode, where Hollywood women could find “the most beautiful and smartest hats on the Boulevard.”

Art Deco hat shop
Chapeaux de Mode at 6814 Hollywood Boulevard (California State Library)

The millinery offered the latest French-inspired fashions, as well as a complete department for designing, remodeling, and blocking wedding veils. Saleswoman were paid $30-a-week ($507 in 2023, when adjusted for inflation) plus 2% commission.

And the return policy was strict: No exchanges after 24 hours.

Chapeaux de Mode (6514 Hollywood Boulevard) was one of several boutiques on the block remodeled by architect Harbin F. Hunter around 1939. After eight years, it was more démodé. Everything from the millinery fixtures to the cash register was sold off in March 1947.

Going from head to toe, Sydney’s Shoes opened in the space that July, and held its ground on the ever-changing boulevard for two decades.

Hollywood Boulevard in the late 1940s
Pedestrians walk by Sydney's Shoes on Hollywood Boulevard in the late 1940s (CA State Library)


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